Greece kiosk becomes a hit at NYT Travel Show

Reports from the representatives of the tourist industry professionals of United States as well as visitors to Greek National Tourism Organisation kiosk, during 3 day New York Times Travel Show, revealed Greece as one of the top favorite destinations for United States tourists. The exhibit took place from 28th February to 2nd March, at Javits Centre, in Manhattan.

Speaking to a leading Greek media agency, Grigoria Kamaterou told that it was a huge success as well as a very important exhibit for Greece. There was a huge line of visitors at Greek kiosk. All of them were looking for information on tourism in Greece.

She added that most of them knew quite a few things about the history of Greece and the islands and were looking for the one thing that distinguished Greece from other places they had been to earlier.
They knew that they could find this uniqueness, and this difference in Greece. EOT with Greek Tourism Ministry as well as the Minister Olga Kefalogianni are pushing the country so that they can enter some specific tourist markets. There is an expectation among all that 2014 would be a great year for Greek tourism.

The government officials as well as tourism industry professionals visited the Greek kiosk. Others who visited the Greek kiosk Consul General of Greece in New York George Iliopoulos, consul Manolis Kampourakis as well as Nikos Papaconstantinou Director of Press and Communication Office of Greece.


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Ryanair declares new base

In a news conference, Irish airline Ryanairs chief executive officer stated his intentions to start a brand new base in Greece capital Athens. This brand new base in the Greece capital is an important part of Ryanairs investment plan in this country, where the Irish airline would invest 280 billion dollars. The brand new base of Ryanair in Athens would begin its work later this April with two company aircrafts.

They would offer 6 new air travel places to passenger flights in Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Paphos, Milan, London and Chania. The airline stated that they would carry more than 1.2 million passengers in their new base, where it would offer hundred and fifty four weekly flights, as well as more than 1.6 million passengers in a year in Thessaloniki, from where it would have two hundred and twelve weekly flights.

From Athens, this Irish airline would offer  four flights to Chania daily, two flights to London daily, two flights to Paphos daily, two flights to Rhodes daily as well as ten flights to Thessaloniki daily. Ryanair would base 1 more aircraft in Thessaloniki and this also estimates that the new airline base in Athens airport would create brand new job positions.

The airline company also stated that from now on, they would also offer Greek passengers prices beginning from 12 euros on interior flights.

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Greece registers record arrivals this year

Marketing Greece representatives attending the World Travel Market in London, United Kingdom are stating that Greece’s travel industry is experiencing a huge growth and also leading the nation’s economic recovery.

At the event, Andreas Andreadis, the Marketing Greece chairman as well as members of new private entity’s board of directors, Agapi Sbokou and Andreas Stylianopoulos, talked about the prospects and progress for Greek tourism.

Over the last year, Greece has seen important increases in important tourism indicators that include a brand new record for comers at an figured 17.5 million. Tourism profits for January – August session rose to 13.7 percent if compared with the same time last year. The trend appears poised to go on: Marketing Greece already has noted a ten percent increase in bookings for next year.

Andreadis stated that Marketing Greece would be enforcing a specific program of action in aimed markets. The targets of this plan call for an increase in yearly arrivals to around 24 million, with average expenditure each visitor of 800 euros. He added that if these aims are achieved, tourism would contribute twenty percent of Greece’s gross domestic product.

Andreadis told that the target of the company’s presence in the England capital was to make relations with the right organizations and partners in order to encourage Greece in the most effective way as well as make sure the country reclaims its spot among the top places choices of travelers across the world.

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