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Wild world life-YANNI Nightingale-Les Marécottes-Swizerland

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(C2) Emotional OSTs : Yanni – Nightingale

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Travel Bloggers Greece arranges its very first launch event

The Travel Bloggers Greece Launch Brunch, arranged at Grecotel Pallas Athena on 18th January, gathered pro as well as aspiring travel bloggers that is based in Greece to network as well as know more regarding forthcoming events.

Travel Bloggers Greece was very recently developed to promote the interests of travel writers that deal with Greece as a travel place and educate regarding travel writing, promote authentic travel as well as developed awareness of Greek travel places. All eligible members include photography, travel, culture bloggers and food.

All members of the Travel Bloggers Greece target to create or already run their very unique writing piece which has a direct link with Greece culture and travel. They also said that to Travel Bloggers Greece‘s code of ethics which reflect high pro standards in blogging. Read more »

SOOTHING GREEK MUSIC – grecka muzyka uspokajająca

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Visit Greece’s video shows Twelve Apostles of Australia

Greece tourism authorities have defended a recent promo video which features a video clip of Twelve Apostles rock formation, Australia.

Visit Greeces twelve minute Gods, Myths, Heroes, US$ 83000, video features fifteen seconds of timelapse video shot at the landmark off the Victoria coast. In the video clip, a narrator reportedly stated that when the day is done, the moon as well as her stars paint the sky along with brilliant constellations named from Greece mythology by old sailors navigating their path from one island to another.

But the organization has denied to remove or edit the footage that was taken by Alex Cherney, who is an Aussie photographer, in the year 2010, introducing that its use was justified as it showcased constellations which carry Greek names.

According to reports, they told a leading television channel that almost all the world, wherever you turn around your eyes, you would meet an idea, a name, which originated from Greece. Even the skies of Australia in the southern hemisphere, you would see stars and constellations which carry Greek names. The mythology of the sky at all latitudes and longitudes of the Earth is Greek.

Still, Mr Cherney was not impressed by the explanation. He told reportedly told that people do make mistakes but coming up with an explanation like that is funny. He added that this thing makes him laughing and smiling rather than being serious.

Yanni – Santorini – Live in Dubai 5 April 2013

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YANNI – Santorini

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