Greece travel bloggers marks their 1 year anniversary

Greece’s first pro bloggers network Travel Bloggers Greece gathered at Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel to relish their 1-year anniversary and arrange their very first meeting of the year. The historic thermal spa invited Travel Bloggers Greece members to experience their unique luxury treatments, services as well as other wellness facilities.

At the conference center of the hotel, members of the Travel Bloggers Greece talked about things linked to blogging in Greece, improving online content, travel industry trends, photography as well as social media sharing. Therapeutic spa services of the Thermae Sylla rounded out the whole travel experience for the first blogger network in Greece.

Travel Bloggers Greece co-founder Elena Sergeeva stated that their group traveled to the Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel provided a forum for their network’s very first meeting of the year to talk about industry trends while giving them a great scope promote Thermae Sylla’s health as well as spa services that are special to Greece. They also provided reviews of the Yacht Rental Croatia services offered by

She added that over the last year, they have successfully promoted several destinations in Greece as well as outside the country. The members have a growing number of individual followers, so they are always learning reat ways to share their travel experiences via excellent content as well as social media channels.

Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel’s Public Relations Executive Voula Karatziou-Anastasopoulou stated that they are happy to be one of the top distinguished luxury thermal spa destinations in the world.